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    BIM - Project Management in Revit with 4D Time and 5D Cost

    What you'll learn
    How to use Projektmanagment 4D and 5D in Autodesk Revit projects
    How to export Revit Data in Microsoft Projekt
    How to translate all Building Elements into final Cost/$ and Time/min. calculations
    Using Kanban, and Gantt-Сhart from Revit data

    BIM - Project Management in Revit with 4D Time and 5D Cost

    Windows 7 or Windows 10
    Need to install a trial of Autodesk Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.0 Installed
    Microsoft Excel Installed
    Experience with or have an Understanding to how Revit Works

    This course “BIM - Project management in Revit”, will present how real-life Revit projects have used the Tool Dynamo - to calculate working hours and working costs.

    ⇉ You receive 2 Dynamo Scripts, Project Template (.rvt) and Excel Files.

    With the help of an example, I’d like to show you how you can use project management 4D time and 5D cost in Autodesk Revit.

    We will take the volume parameter of the building elements otherwise Revit-Families – then we will translate these volume parameters into 4D time and 5D cost.

    The resulting data you can use in a variety of other programs for the control of the timing and the cost of construction.

    The obtained data can also be exported in another process management software - Microsoft Project or other planning tools – such - scoro, asana, smartsheet, monday, hive, ganttpro or others....

    Who this course is for:
    BIM Managers
    BIM Coordinators
    BIM Engineer
    BIM Specialist
    Structural Engineers
    Chief Engineers
    Professionals in the AEC industry
    Cost Engineers
    Heads of design departments
    Professionals in the construction industry
    People who want to start using Dynamo


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