Ansys Fluent 5.1.66 x64 for CATIA V5R28

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    Ansys Fluent 5.1.66 x64 for CATIA V5R28

    Fluent is the industry-leading fluid simulation software used to predict fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions and other related phenomena. Known for delivering the most accurate solutions in the industry without compromise, Fluent’s advanced physics modeling capabilities include cutting-edge turbulence models, multiphase flows, heat transfer, combustion, shape optimization, multiphysics and much more!

    Ansys Fluent 5.1.66 x64 for CATIA V5R28

    Fluent’s ability to accurately solve the widest range of problems makes it the best fluid simulation software on the market, from airflow over an electric vehicle to combustion in a gas turbine, all while enhancing your experience with:
    A user-friendly interface
    Task-based and streamlined workflows
    Innovative technology features
    Best-in-class physics models
    Parallel capabilities for meshing and solving

    User-Friendly Interface
    Fluent utilizes a single-window workflow, helping streamline the process from CAD to mesh to accurate results. Significantly increasing productivity, the workflow begins with task-based meshing, continues to a streamlined physics setup and concludes with interactive post-processing. An immersive UI enables you to directly interact with the model during setup for boundary conditions and post-processing for creating planes, contours, streamlines and more. Other features such as drag and drop, copy and paste and the ability to directly enter expressions help increase productivity by reducing hands-on time and repetitive tasks.

    Task-Based Meshing Workflows
    Accelerating the process from CAD to mesh, Fluent utilizes a single-window, task-based meshing workflow. By reducing hands-on time and repetitive tasks, these task-based workflows accelerate meshing time for clean and dirty CAD geometries. Each task in the workflow has best practices embedded into them, but these tasks, and the whole workflow, are extremely customizable to best fit your application. Fluent meshing can also be efficiently run in parallel to speed up the process even more.
    Fluent has a patent-pending meshing technology, known as Mosaic mesh, that accelerates meshing time and produces a faster, more accurate solution. Mosaic technology enables polyhedral connections between disparate mesh types using a combination of high-quality hexahedral, isotropic poly-prism and mosaic polyhedral elements.

    Quickly and Accurately Solve Large Models
    Known as the gold standard for accuracy in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Fluent has been validated across the widest range of applications and industries. Large, complex models can quickly and efficiently be solved with highly scalable high-performance computing (HPC). Fluent set a supercomputing milestone by scaling to nearly 200,000 cores

    Compatibility: DS CATIA V5R28

    File size: 705 MB
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