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    Applied Flow Technology Mercury v7.0 build 26/01/2013

    Piping System Optimization for Incompressible Flow. Whether your goal is to minimize first or life cycle cost, it’s a key ingredient in the design of cost effective piping and ducting systems. AFT Mercury, powered by IntelliFlow, is the first software product to offer the piping systems engineer intelligent, automated sizing of system piping, ducting and components to achieve this goal. With comprehensive system modeling capabilities, a flexible graphical interface and an advanced optimization engine, AFT Mercury with IntelliFlow is nothing less than new technology that will allow you to effect significant cost savings on your piping systems.

    Minimizing system cost requires a comprehensive approach to the sizing of piping, ducting and system components. With their large number of variables and constraints, rigorously appying such an approach to real world systems is rarely practical. Using the advanced technology of IntelliFlow, AFT Mercury automatically selects pipe, or duct, and component sizes that will achieve your goal of minimum cost while satisfying your system’s constraints. Sizing may be selected to minimize initial or life cycle cost, or engineering parameters including minimum pipe weight, volume or surface area.

    AFT Mercury, with IntelliFlow, doesn’t just analyze your system, it actually automates a critical part of the system design process. IntelliFlow comprehensively analyzes the complex interaction of the various components to system performance and cost to intelligently determine the optimal sizes of piping, ducting, pumps, valves and other system components for minimum system cost while satisfying a wide range of selected criteria. The savings in materials, installation, energy and other costs associated with your piping or ducting system can be dramatic. Traditional methods of system optimization simply can’t compare. No matter how well you think you’re doing with your systems design, you’re guaranteed to find signficant savings with AFT Mercury.

    Applied Flow Technology Mercury v7

    More info: aft.com/products/mercury