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    Paul Lutus TankCalc v6.9

    TankCalc 6.9

    TankCalc is the most recent in a series of programs and mathematical methods I have written to compute partial volumes in storage tanks. TankCalc's present embodiment is as a Java application because this maximizes the number of places the program can successfully run. And this is the only reason it's written in Java — if it were possible to write a fast, native-language version of TankCalc that would run on a lot of different systems and would not become hopelessly outdated in five years, I would write it in a faster language. But the advantage of Java is that it isn't going away, older Java programs like my own Arachnophilia (fourteen years and counting) still function as intended and are still widely used, and there are Java runtime engines for a lot of different environments, many more than for other languages.

    One drawback to Java is that it isn't blazingly fast, and TankCalc, essentially a numerical integrator, requires speed. But this is a secondary consideration to being able to write an application that will run virtually anywhere, now and in the future.

    NOTE: For detailed information about tank measuring issues, and to compute tank shapes not explicitly covered by TankCalc, visit Volumes in Depth. Also, if you cannot acquire accurate dimensions for your tank, this geometric modeling method may not work for you — I recommend that you visit my tank profiling page instead.

    I will have more to say, and in greater detail, about TankCalc's past and present, but first let's deal with access and downloading issues.