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    TRL TRANSYT v16.0.0.8411

    TRANSYT is a software suite containing a macroscopic traffic model, a signal optimiser, and a simulation model for the purpose of designing, evaluating and modelling everything from single isolated road junctions to large mixed signal-controlled and priority control traffic networks.

    Signal timings at road junctions have an important effect on levels of traffic congestion, both at the junction itself and at surrounding junctions which may be signalised or priority-controlled. Ensuring traffic signals are timed effectively is one of the most cost-effective methods for reducing congestion.

    Based on decades of research and development, TRANSYT is a now a comprehensive global product used for optimising traffic signals at single junctions and large traffic networks of mixed control. It is designed specifically to give quick solutions with minimal user input, and also more considered solutions when needed.

    TRANSYT modelling can feed into many processes – Its signal plans used for fixed time signals; cableless linking facilities; SCOOT base timings; vehicle actuation maximum timings and also used to predict the performance of the aforementioned.

    Furthermore, through the addition of a simulation model, TRANSYT’s capability is extended to include the modelling of non-cyclic signalling scenarios.

    TRANSYT is used across the globe by traffic engineers, traffic modellers, junction designers, students and tutors, working for local authorities; municipal, state and regional authorities; consultancies of all sizes from multi-nationals to the smallest businesses; universities; other educational establishments.

    TRANSYT can model mixed networks of signalised and unsignalised junctions. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with a Junctions licence, it has the capability to predict the performance of priority junctions using standard ARCADY PICADY geometric data.


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