Mathworks Matlab R2020a (9.8.0) [Update 1] for (Win, Lin, Mac)

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    Mathworks Matlab R2020a (9.8.0) [Update 1] for (Win, Lin, Mac)

    Description: In the distribution, minor (minor) updates (bug fixes) for Matlab and the main (major) version they do not change. It is not necessary to download the entire distribution, you can only select the updates / platforms you need (although, of course, support for distributing by seeding the entire volume is very welcome). I did not check the installation of all versions under all platforms ... too laborious ... so feel free to unsubscribe about problems (including solutions found).
    A description of the changes included in the update is in the PDF file.

    Changing the Matlab component set using its basic installer is AFTER installing updates is not officially supported. You need to uninstall and reinstall Matlab with the updated set of components, and then install the update.

    When installing the update for Windows, you must first mount the corresponding ISO file in a virtual drive, and then install it by running <matlabpath> / bin / <platform> /update_installer.exe -updatepackage "<iso-mount-path>". Under other operating systems, in general, it is similar. Read more HERE

    Under Windows, it may be more convenient to use the auxiliary Update.cmd file on a drive mounted from an ISO file. At the same time, if you have Matlab installed in the default folder (C: \ Program Files \ Polyspace \ R2020a), then you can just run Update.cmd on behalf of the Administrator (to have write access to the Matlab folder) and that’s it.
    If Matlab is not installed in the default folder, then you need to modify Update.cmd by writing the correct path to Matlab in it:

    1. The simplest thing is to run this file from the command line (command line with ADMINISTRATOR rights) by setting the first parameter to the folder that you specified when installing Matlab (for example, Update.cmd C: \ Math \ Matlab \ 908)
    2. You can set the environment variable FOLDER_MATLAB98 by specifying the correct Matlab installation path. In this case, you can install all further versions of updates simply by running Update.cmd
    3. You can set the environment variable FOLDER_MATLAB98 on the command line (type set FOLDER_MATLAB98 = C: \ Math \ Matlab \ 908) and then run Update.cmd without parameters
    4. You can copy Update.cmd somewhere and set the correct folders for the location of Matlab and update files in the first two lines of the file (for example, "set FOLDER_MATLAB98DEFAULT = C: \ Math \ Matlab \ 908" and "set FOLDER_UPDATE = Z: \ ", where Z is the drive letter where you mounted the ISO-image) and run the updated Update.cmd (again for access rights, you may have to run with Administrator rights)

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