Trimble Tekla Structural Designer 2017 v17.0.0.37

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    Trimble Tekla Structural Designer 2017 v17.0.0.37

    A powerful tool for analysis and design of buildings created for design engineers working in the design of commercial construction sites. Tekla Structural Designer completes the main program of Tekla Structures and allows full use of all the advantages of 3D modeling, thanks to a single workflow, including both analysis and design. Tekla Structural Designer is an intelligent data download, a wide range of analytical functions, complete design automation, high quality documentation and a complete BIM simulation system. All this helps engineers to increase efficiency and reduce costs / costs when creating projects

    Offers powerful tools for working with reinforced concrete and metal structures, allowing engineers to quickly compare various design patterns, effectively manage changes, and create a comfortable environment for teamwork. Fully automated design and analysis, improved tools and increased productivity allow engineers to offer more alternative project options, regardless of the size and complexity of the facility, thereby ensuring high quality customer service

    The effective use of BIM-technologies - this was exactly what was in the minds of the developers when creating Tekla Structural Designer. Using Tekla Structural Designer, engineers can repeatedly synchronize models with Tekla Structures and other programs without sacrificing key design data. Constant audit of the tools in Tekla Structural Designer allows engineers to see what has been added, changed or removed during the integration process, thereby reducing the risk of errors and increasing the effectiveness of cooperation with other members of the project team, including technicians, processors and architects. Tekla Structural Designer creates internal communication and effective communication between all specialists working on the project




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    If you get a link to TS SP9 .... please forward it. Thank you!