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    eDocPrinter PDF Pro 9.06 Build 9065

    eDocPrinter PDF Pro creates PDF files from applications in Windows 2000, Windows XP, or above . It works as a printer under windows environment, hence users can print from whatever application utilizing windows GDI printing device.

    Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool, as it install on your system as a virtual printer and lets you convert documents to PDF on the breeze.
    Compared to other similar tools that allow users to carry out the conversion process in just a few steps, eDocPrinter PDF Pro comes packed with advanced functions that can meet the requirements of professional users.
    The configuration panel is straightforward, and lets you set up the dedicated parameters related to page size, orientation, resolution, borders, and number of copies.

    What’s more, eDocPrinter PDF Pro is able to automatically detect and add bookmarks, and it enables you to manually add and edit them. Plus, you can customize the bookmark text in terms of font, style, size, and color.
    Other important options worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to pick a default saving directory, specify the filename, apply overlaying options, and launch the selected utility at the end of the conversion operation.

    The tool allows you to send the converted documents via email, configure the compression and URL parameters, embed a new font, as well as provide details about the files, such as title, subject, author, and keywords.
    Encrypting the information stored within PDF items can be done by setting up passwords and selecting the encryption level, while watermarks can be embedded by inserting a text message, changing its rotation angle and opacity, and selecting the color, font, and size.
    During our testing we have noticed that the application carries out the conversion process very quickly, provides very good output results, and no errors showed throughout the entire process.
    All in all, eDocPrinter PDF Pro proves to be a reliable program that comes bundled with a handy set of parameters, which can be configured by beginners and professionals alike.

    eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports many advanced features:
    - MUI (Multi-Lingual UI) Selection (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Swedish)
    - Office-Addins support (including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
    - Word Form ==> PDF Form
    - Auto bookmark generation by text attribute matching
    - Merge with existing PDF by [Append to] , [Insert Before], or [Overlay]. It's a real PDF Merge function rather than only concatenating proprietary spool or ps file. More about Merge PDF Feature...
    - Create PDF Layers (PDF 1.5 feature)
    - Smart N-up (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 16 pages per sheet),
    - Manually scaling by percentage
    - Define and Add Custom Forms
    - Standard PDF security setting (both 40bit and 128bit),
    - Watermark support (text, image, and compound, PDF1.4 transparency)
    - PDF-Stationary, PDF-Overlay (Overlay with existing PDF file as template)
    - URL action for text watermark,
    - Live URL and local file pattern detection
    - Font embedding (True Type and Type1, support CJK, Non-Ansi, and Unicode fonts),
    - Email PDF as attachment (MAPI and SMTP)
    - Optimized for Fast Web View
    - Destination control and PostAction (silent batch printing, default saveas path, auto-numbered filename ...)
    - Full Escape control for developers (refer SDK guide)

    File size: 16.5 MB

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