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    WM Recorder YT is the easiest, most powerful way to download and convert video and audio from the internet. For unencrypted YouTube-like sites, just open WM Recorder, grab the URL of your video or audio and it's downloaded to your PC at up to 5x playback speed.

    And for protected or encrypted videos, use WM Recorder's screen recording mode to easily grab ANY video you can see on your screen. Screen recording and stream downloading can even be used simultaneously!

    As you get to know WM Recorder, you'll appreciate these unique benefits:
    Record Audio using built-in audio recorder.
    Download at up to 5x speed.
    Turn Video into MP3.
    Save password protected or encrypted videos - legally!
    Convert to popular video or audio formats.
    Eliminate Ads from recording sessions.
    Record multiple streams at once.
    Split and merge recordings with the included Converter.
    And more!

    WM Recorder YT هو أسهل وأقوى طريقة لتنزيل وتحويل الفيديو والصوت من الإنترنت. بالنسبة للمواقع غير المشفرة مثل YouTube ، ما عليك سوى فتح مسجل WM ، والتقاط عنوان URL للفيديو أو الصوت الخاص بك وتنزيله على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك بسرعة تصل إلى 5x.


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