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    CADInLa 2020 v9.50b x64

    CADInLa™ 2020 is a modern stand-alone application that prepares the DWG structure for using (as link or insert) in BIM and CAD Systems. With CADInLa™ 2020, CAD users can analyze, manipulate, and fully automatically adapt any drawing to new CAD convention, and erase any and all imperfections in the design.

    CADInLa™ 2020 offers a special programming language for advanced adapting of the Layer structure before CAD or BIM. The abbreviation “CADInLa” comes from the full name CAD Interchange Language. Almost all complicated Layer structure adaptations are made possible using this program.

    CADInLa™ 2020 offers special methods for CAD or BIM color changing. The adjustment of colors to the white background can be done using the color transformation table.

    CADInLa™ 2020 offers special methods for CAD or BIM line weight changing. The adjustment of line weights to 0.0 for background elements can be done using the line weight transformation table.

    CADInLa™ 2020 offers special methods for CAD or BIM linetype changing. The adjustment of linetypes can be done by the inserting of new linetypes using a prototype drawing.

    CADInLa™ 2020 offers special methods for boundary hatch deleting before CAD or BIM linking.

    All CADInLa™ 2020 settings can be saved and read in as required. All conversions defined in CADInLa™ 2020 can be executed at the push of a button on thousands of files at once.

    Reprogramming of Layer Structure
    Deleting of Layers or Elements
    Adaption of Colors to White Background
    Avanced Line Types Changing
    Advanced Color Changing
    Advanced Line Weights Changing
    Advanced Replacing of Fonts
    Converting Special Characters and Unicode
    Advanced Adapting Text Properties
    Advanced 3D to 2D Transitions

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