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    FANUC Roboguide V9 (rev.H)

    Fanuc has launched the latest, upgraded version of its intelligent 3D simulation software for robot motion control, ROBOGUIDE V9 (Rev.H)

    ROBOGUIDE Version 9 can be used for pre-sale concept simulations, right through to a full offline programming package for use on the shopfloor. It is suitable for both new, and experienced, robot users, and has several advanced features, including: a more intuitive user interface, the most up-to-date virtual controllers, and a drag-and-drop function for the addition of robots and components within a work cell layout.

    The ROBOGUIDE software can also support Fanuc’s latest R30iB Plus robot controller, which includes the new iHMI interface that is common across the whole product range.

    Fanuc’s ROBOGUIDE software is based on more than 16 years of research and development. It allows operators to design, test and modify robotic systems through the use of a fully-simulated, 3D, CAD environment. The simulations, which can be conducted offline, provide an operator with accurate robot motion and cycle times when designing and verifying a system. The finalised program can then be downloaded to the robot.

    Additional plug-ins are available for the calculation of reducer lifetimes, motor duties and power consumption, while plug-ins monitoring possible collisions and enforced safety parameters, particularly for collaborative robots, come as standard.

    The software is designed to be as intuitive as possible, allowing 3D CAD to be imported directly into a cell layout. The software also includes a KAREL editor and compiler for advanced customisation and programming.

    Industry-specific versions of ROBOGUIDE are also available, including: ChamferingPro for deburring, HandlingPRO for material handling processes, PAINTPRO for paint applications (an additional spray simulation plug-in is available to aid process development), and WeldPRO for arc-welding applications. CAD-to-path functionality, which automatically generates programs based on CAD data, is available as standard in all versions of ROBOGUIDE.

    For enhanced capabilities in robot cells, users of the latest version of ROBOGUIDE can benefit from additional smart Fanuc software, including iRVision and line-tracking.

    New Features in ROBOGUIDE Software V9 (Rev.H)
    - Support for new robot models:
    . ARC Mate 100iD/8L
    . ARC Mate 120iD
    . CR-14iA/L
    . ER-4iA
    . R-2000iC/190U
    - Support for V9.10P/19, V8.30P/48 virtual robots.
    - Support ARC Mate 120iD, ARC Mate 100iD/8L, ARC Mate 100iD/10L, R-2000iC/190U on estimation function.
    - Improved spray simulation:
    . Support an air curtain. A link attached to robot tool can be specified as a paint target object.
    . Support to export painted object models to OBJ files.
    . Support to specify density distribution and deposit efficiency pattern by numerical values.
    - Improved vision function:
    . Support to connect USB frame grabber. Actual iRVision cameras can connect using USB frame grabber, and can test to detect real workpiece.
    - iRPickPRO:
    . Support for clearance check function. Part region and clearance region are displayed on the parts.
    Roboguide is the leading of offline programming product on the market for FANUC robots. The ROBOGUIDE family of process focused software packages allows users to create, program and simulate a robotic workcell in 3-D without the physical need and expense of a prototype workcell setup. With virtual robots and workcell models, of offline program- ming with ROBOGUIDE reduces risk by enabling visualization of single and multi-robot workcell layouts before actual installation.

    Roboguide simulation and its family of process plug-ins is targeted to provide an easy to use interface to create workcells and robot programs. ROBOGUIDE simulation is centered on an offline 3D-World, and includes robot workcell modeling, TPP Program teaching, and path playback. Accurate cycle time and robot motion trajectory data are outputs from the ROBOGUIDE simulation teaching system.

    Roboguide simulation is built upon the FANUC Robotics Virtual Robot Controller that enables accurate program teaching and cycle time information. ROBOGUIDE is the core application for other FANUC Robotics PROcess software.

    FANUC America Corporation, headquartered in Rochester Hills, MI is the leading supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation.

    Founded in 1982, FANUC America has over 1,500 employees in the Americas. Our team of automation professionals work in customer service, engineering, finance, human resources, IT, logistics, operations, manufacturing, product development, sales & marketing and training.

    Product: FANUC Roboguide
    Version: V9 (rev.H) Build 9.10145.00.23
    Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
    Website Home Page : fanucamerica.com
    Language: english



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