OASYS GEO v17.8.4

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    OASYS GEO v17.8.4

    General Description

    Alp analyses the soil structure interaction of a laterally loaded pile. The program calculates deflection down the pile together with bending moments and shear forces within the pile.

    Safe provides two-dimensional finite element computations in plane stress, plane strain, or axial symmetry. Pore pressures and effective stresses are identified separately, and gravitational loads and initial stresses are included.

    Frew analyses flexible retaining structures such as sheet pile or diaphragm walls. The program calculates deformations and the stresses in the retaining structure through a number of construction stages from the initial installation of the wall through a series of activities such as variations of soil levels and water pressures, the insertion or removal of ground anchors and the application or removal of surcharges.

    Slope performs two-dimensional slope stability analysis to study circular or non-circular slip surfaces. The program uses the method of slices and offers a variety of established methods for calculating inter-slice forces, including the Fellenius, Bishop and Janbu methods.

    Stawal checks the stability of cantilever or propped retaining walls. The program determines the penetration required to prevent rotational instability of the wall. It also calculates the bending moments and shear forces occurring in the wall at the limiting condition and the strut force is calculated for propped walls.

    Tunset analyses the ground movements induced by tunneling in terms of three-dimensional displacements and horizontal strains. The settlement can be analysed by four separate methods to create a profile of settlement at any level above the tunnel.

    Vdisp calculates the vertical settlements and stresses within a layered elastic soil mass arising from vertical pressure loading applied to rectangular and circular loaded areas. The program is ideal for predicting the settlement that may arise due to the action of several foundation loads at multiple levels.


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