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    CivilFEM v12.0

    CivilFEM - is a specialized add-on to ANSYS for the construction tasks, developed by Spanish company Ingeciber. By embedding in the menu ANSYS, CivilFEM complements his broad-purpose capabilities, the usual estimator for the buildings, grounds and foundations, bridges, tunnels, dams, etc., simplifies and automates both pre and postprocessing.
    CivilFEM can be purchased and used as an addition to the ANSYS / Professional, Structural, Mechanical and Multiphysics.

    CivilFEM has a modular structure:
    Intro - the base product
    Adv. Prestressed Concrete - prestressed concrete
    Bridges & Civil Nonlinearities - Bridges and nonlinear models of concrete (creep, shrinkage, cracks)
    Geotechnical - Soil Mechanics
    CivilFEM Intro
    Library materials (including more than a hundred of soil and rock) and standard cross sections (CEB-FIP, Eurocode 2,3, ACI, AISC, British standard, UNE, ASTM, EHE, EA, GB-50010, GB-50017 )
    specialized tools for preprocessing beam and shell structures
    Composite section
    Placement and selection of valves
    Special tools for combining the cases of loading
    Checking for compliance with building codes
    Adv.Prestressed Concrete
    Special tools for designing \ selection of pre-stressed reinforcing elements
    Analysis of loss of pre-stress
    Bridges & Civil Nonlinearities
    concrete shrinkage and creep
    special master for constructing geometrical and finite element models of bridges on the principal seheme and section canvases
    tools to build standard and custom sections carrying canvases
    Job stress: moving vehicle, etc. and combining the calculated cases
    simulation of the construction (load during construction)
    Checking for compliance with European and American standards Geotechnical
    Library properties of soils and rocks
    Deep foundation
    The foundations are shallow and superficial laying
    Retaining walls
    Stability of slopes

    Extras. Information: This is an additional module for Ansys. Apart from Ansys it will not work. CivilFEM 12 only works with Ansys 12
    To work CivilFEM necessary after installation of utility Administration Utility to specify the license file Civil.ath. This file is in your License File distribution program. When the program pops up an error message "The encoded line cannot be properly interpreted", but it does not affect the efficiency of the program.

    Year: 2009
    Version: 12.0
    Platform: win x64
    Compatibility with Vista: unknown
    Language: English only
    Medicine: Present