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    Pipe Flow Expert 7.40

    Pipe Flow Expert is premier software program for piping design and pipe system modeling. It calculates fluid flow in open or closed loop pipe networks with multiple supply & discharge tanks, multiple pumps in series or in parallel, and multiple pipe sizes & fittings. Pipe Flow Expert will calculate the flow rate in each pipe & it will calculate pipe pressure drop throughout your system.

    Features include:
    An Intuitive User Interface that is best-in-class & easy to use
    Isometric 3D drawing and standard 2D piping layouts
    Customized PDF reports - generate professional results documentation
    Robust Calculation Engine that will solve complex pipe networks
    Pressure Loss calculated using the Darcy-Weisbach method
    Friction Factors calculated using the Colebrook-White equation
    Modelling of up to 1000 pipes in the full version.
    A Fluid Database with common liquid and gas data
    A Pipe Database with common pipe materials and sizes
    A Fittings Database with common valve and fitting data

    Pipe Flow Expert is Easy-To-Use
    Pipe Flow Expert has simply the most intuitive and best-in-class user interface of any piping design and analysis program anywhere,

    Robust Calculation Engine
    It has a very powerful and reliable calculation engine that provides accurate flow rate & pressure loss calculations, which is why it is trusted by users in over 100 countries worldwide.
    Pipe Flow Calculations that are almost impossible to perform by hand or by using a spreadsheet are now easily solved with Pipe Flow Expert, to give you instant answers, improving the accuracy of your results, avoiding costly error-prone spreadsheet models, giving you confidence in your piping design and providing a record of your design documentation.

    Unrivalled and Unbeatable Value
    It provides unbeatable value-for-money that quickly returns the cost of purchase many times over, saving countless hours of engineering time and effort.
    Use Pipe Flow Expert to document your design, provide a standard method of pipe system analysis for your engineers, provide your sales engineers with a powerful visual aid that will help them close sales and give your customers confidence in your solution.

    Designed for Piping Designers and Pipe System Engineers
    No other piping design software makes it as easy as Pipe Flow Expert does to get up and running quickly, with over 30 example pipe systems, a Quick Start User Guide, a full reference User Guide, and an amazingly intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you'll be saving time and effort right from the start.

    Design Efficient Pipe Systems, Help Your Clients and Win More Orders
    If your work involves designing or sizing pipe work, calculating pump head requirements or trying to find the flows and pressure losses throughout a pipe network then rest assured that we understand how difficult your job can be.

    Pipe Flow Expert used in over 100 countries worldwide
    Our range of Pipe Flow software programs are used by engineers in over 100 countries worldwide. Our premier Pipe Flow Expert application alone is used in over 100 countries.
    Engineers ranging from individual consultants through to large middle east oil companies trust Pipe Flow Expert to provide the flow and pressure loss calculation results they need.

    Verification of Flow & Pressure Calculation Results
    Pipe Flow Expert has a robust and reliable calculation engine that "solves" your system according to the governing laws of flow continuity and energy conservation. The final flow and pressure results are verified by a second algorithm that re-calculates the pressure at each node based on the pressure at each connected node minus the pressure loss through the connecting pipe for the given flow result.
    This verification process checks that the pressure results at each node calculate to the same value irrespective of which path through the network is used for the calculation, and hence this validation confirms the accurate solution of the pipe network.

    Pipe Flow Expert Software Applications and Industries
    Pipe Flow Expert is used by clients in a variety of industries including aerospace, chemical processing, education, food and beverage, general engineering, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, water and wastewater processing.
    It will solve both open and closed loop systems with multiple pumps in series or in parallel. It can handle multiple supply tanks and in-flows, multiple discharge points and take-offs, multiple components and fittings, including bespoke items with their own flow versus pressure loss data, and in addition it can cater for up to 9 different fluid zones within a system (but it does not calculate two-phase flow; the user must specify the fluid density and viscosity data for each fluid zone, or select a fluid from the built in fluid database).

    Powerful Pipe System Analysis
    When designing a new pipe system or analyzing an existing piping network, it is critical to understand the interaction of pipelines, controls, pumps and other components.
    Our Pipe Flow Expert fluid flow analysis software will allow you to design, troubleshoot and optimize your fluid piping systems by providing a clear view of how your piping system operates. Pipe Flow Expert provides insightful visual results and solutions to even the most complex piping systems.

    Detailed Flow and Pressure Results are shown on the Pipe System Drawing
    When the piping design is solved the solution values are shown on the pipe schematic and the units to be displayed for any particular calculations, such as flows, pressure, friction losses, etc, can be chosen individually. Whether you are in the USA, Europe, Africa or Australia, you can select your local unit of choice for any item.

    Easy Hover and Show for Individual Pipe and Component Results Data
    To show more detailed information about a specific item on the Results Drawing, simply move the mouse to hover over the item and a pop-up panel appears that lists all of the associated data and calculation results

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