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    PDF Replacer Pro 1.8.8 Multilingual

    PDF Replacer is a PDF text replacing software utility based on Windows. With this handy tool, you can easily replace text in multiple PDF documents with new text, and also you can modify the replaced text font and text decorations such as bold, italic, underline and linethrough. If you only want to replace the text in some PDF pages instead of the whole PDF document, PDF Replacer also provide you the page range option, which can enable you to replace only your selected pages essily. In addition to English, German, and French languages, PDF Replacer also supports PDFs created in more than 50 languages of almost all countries.

    8 Top Features of PDF Replacer
    Replace Text in PDFs with Your New Text
    Maintain Original PDF Layouts
    Support Restricted & Locked PDF Documents
    Replace PDF Page Range
    Support Batch Replacing Multiple Words in PDFs
    Batch Mode Replaces PDF Files in Bulk
    Change the PDF Text Font & Decoration
    Support 50+ Languages

    4 Striking Examples of PDF Replacer could be Used for
    Batch Replace sensitive words in PDF
    If your PDF document contains sensitive words you don't want to be viewed by readers, you can use PDF Replacer to replace the word with a "*" or a blank space " ".

    Batch replace a person or a brand name in the PDF
    For example, if you need to replace a person's name or a company brand name in all PDF files, you only need to enter the name in the Find field, and then enter the new name in the Replace With field and click "Replace Now" button.

    Change the date and time in the PDF content in bulk
    PDF Replacer also enables you to easily update the date and time text in PDF files. Enter the old date and time in the Find field (of course, please match the date and time text in the PDF file), then enter the latest date and time in the "Replace With" field, then, start replacing.

    Delete a word or a sentence from PDFs in bulk
    Enter a word or sentence in the "Find" text box and leave it blank in the "Replace With" and start the task to erase the word or sentence.

    Pro Version
    100% PDF Text Replacing
    Unlimited PDF Files
    Personal / Home Use
    Commercial Use
    No Watermark on Small PDF Files
    No Watermark on Large PDF Files




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          PDF Replacer Pro 1.8.8