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    StruCalc v9.0.1

    New Features of StruCalc v9.0.1
    1) Vastly improved and dynamic graphics for the Multi-Span Multi-Loaded Beam Module. You will now be able to not only readily see which span you are loading, but the loads will visually appear automatically on the beam spans.2) A new Hip Beam Module. We have taken the hip beam analysis from the Roof Beam Module and added greater flexibility in the design by including the use of support walls.

    3) Point loads can now be added to the Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam and Roof Beam Module.

    4) Embedded post design has been added to the Column Design Module allowing you to design embedded posts per Chapter 18 of the 2012 IBC for both constrained and non-constrained conditions.

    5) Code upgrades in the calculations to meet the provisions of the 2012 International Building Code and 2012 National Design Specification. Please note that there were some minor modifications made in the 14th edition of the AISC that were discovered during our beta testing and have not made it through our stringent engineering test processes. We are in the process of updating those calculations and will have them in a future patch free patch for StruCalc 9.0 Owners. The modifications that are to be made will be available for review on our website. In the meantime, StruCalc has reverted back to the 13th edition of the AISC for steel design.

    6) Multi Span Combination Roof and Floor Beam Module- This will also be added very soon in a patch after we finalize our calculations related to determining controlling duration factors for the wood beam design calculations.

    I’d like to personally thank all of our valued customers who assisted in the beta testing process of the latest offering in our design suite.