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    Fastrak is steel building design software.

    Design any simple or complex steel building with speed and ease.
    Work with real physical objects such as beams, columns and slabs.
    Choose from British Standards (BS), Eurocodes (EC) or US codes.
    Save time with features such as automated wind loading, composite design and web openings.
    Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution.
    Produce clear and concise documentation including drawings and calculations.
    Handle project changes easily and efficiently.
    Synchronise with leading BIM platforms such as Autodesk Revit.
    Seamlessly integrate with Fastrak Connection Design and Fastrak Portal Frame modules.

    Reasons to choose CSC

    Fastrak Building Designer was voted the “Structural Analysis and Design Product of the Year 2010″ at the Construction Computing Awards
    Fastrak is used by every major ‘design & build’ fabricator in the UK
    CSC’s Chief Engineer sits on committees associated with the drafting of the Eurocodes
    CSC is involved in the scoping of the Eurocode Green Book, in collaboration with the SCI
    We partner with leading BIM providers such as Autodesk® and Tekla

    Modelling features

    Model complex steel buildings, including challenging roofs, all within a single model
    Work in 2D or 3D views to create any building structure quickly
    Define the structure by using grid lines and levels
    Import DXF drawings to provide architects’ set out and to create grid lines
    Work with real physical objects such as beams and slabs, instead of analytical ‘wires’
    Provide stability with bracing, moment frames or walls
    Choose from various automated diaphragm options to distribute horizontal forces
    Automate composite beam design with metal decking or precast planking data
    Model curved members easily
    Model other materials such as concrete, timber and cold rolled
    Import 3D models from BIM platforms such as Autodesk® Revit® and Tekla Structures

    Loading features

    Apply self weight and dead load cases automatically
    Calculate wind loads and zoning for the entire building to BS6399-2 and EC1
    Apply loads as floor loads, area loads, line loads, patch loads and point loads
    Generate variable area loads for roof snow drifting
    Apply building perimeter loads for cladding and walls
    Automate notional horizontal loading for sway stability to BS and EC
    Automate imposed load reductions
    Automate decomposition of applied loads to structural members
    Add extra loading and load cases as required
    Generate code-based loading combinations automatically

    Analysis and design features

    Design and optimise the complete steel building to BS, EC and US codes
    Define your parameters to generate the most suitable section automatically
    Visually interrogate model to establish pass/fail status and utlisation
    Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution
    Choose from numerous beam options including rolled, plated, Westok, Fabsec and Slimflor
    Automate composite beam design with supplied metal decking and precast planking data
    Design web openings to SCI P068 and SCI P355 with or without stiffeners
    Automate notional horizontal load and sway assessment
    Design for P-Delta effects using either kamp or true second order analysis
    Assess floor vibration response factors to SCI P354
    Check for disproportionate collapse and tying forces
    Handle project changes easily and efficiently
    Integrate with Fastrak Portal Frame and Fastrak Connection Design

    Output features

    Export frame and connection drawings to CAD software via DXF
    Customise and export reports to Microsoft Word
    Export material lists including tonnage and surface area to Microsoft Excel
    Export beam and base reactions to Microsoft Excel
    Export bracing forces and shear wall forces to Microsoft Excel
    Include beam reactions on plan and section drawings
    Save all output documents in PDF format
    Export design to Fastrak Connection Design and Fastrak Portal Frame modules
    Export 3D models to BIM platforms such as Autodesk® Revit® and Tekla Structures
    Export via SDNF, STAAD and SAP formats

    Instructions: Unrar and install the application.
    Copy applied license file to the folder: