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    ArchiTECH PC v8

    ArchiTECH PC v8

    ArchiTECH.PC is one of the rare, independent design applications that includes all aspects of architectural design and display, concentrated into a single program.

    Exceptionally user-friendly
    It is simple to use, as it builds on the work methods architects are familiar with, so that they can easily find expression for their knowledge and experience. Because it is easy to understand, no special computer knowledge is needed in order to use ArchiTECH.PC.

    Complex visibility
    In this program, the model to be built can be accessed through what are called views. The views are display and/or editing windows. A view can be a floor plan editing, section, detail plan, perspective or photorealistic 3D image, or plan sheet, which is comprised of several plans to be printed on a single sheet. Several kinds of displays of individual floors of a model can be requested: structural engineer plan, bricklayer plan, electrical plan... Display by trade branch can be placed on the plan sheet independent of one another or in unified form.

    Integrated connection during modification of the projects
    The program handles modifications to the projects in an integrated manner, thanks to the built-in database. This ensures that all the modifications made to one view are automatically applied to the other views, as well (detail plans, sections, elevations, display plans, list generating, plan sheet...).

    "A picture is worth a thousand words", especially for those who are not experts. With ArchiTECH.PC, it is possible to show the building in several ways, in an instant : section, elevation, axonometric, and perspective views...and what’s more, all of these can be displayed in several ways (wire frame, hidden line depiction...). The project’s understandability can be further increased with photorealistic pictures or 3D animations.


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