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    Definition of Saudi Building Code

    Is the set of conditions and requirements and the subsequent rules and regulations of executive and supplements relating to building and construction to ensure public health and safety.

    The goal of Building Code

    Aims code to put the minimum requirements and requirements that achieve public health and safety through durability, stability and the stability of buildings and facilities and access to and the provision of a healthy environment, lighting and adequate ventilation, and water conservation and the protection of life and property from the dangers of fire and other risks associated with buildings.

    The website of the Saudi Building Code

    The website of the Saudi Building Code

    Application code

    Requirements and requirements are considered and integrated unit and priority is given to the application requirements, then the condition Mttlebatt.uwaytbak the most restrictive and most specifically in the case of the existence of differences between the items code.

    Code applies to all construction work including design, implementation, operation, maintenance, modification and demolition and rehabilitation of buildings and installations.

    Necessary for engineers, inspectors and observers working in the field of application code on the license of a certified exercise.

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