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    FIDES WALLS FEA V2011.131

    FIDES WALLS FEA V2011.131

    Release Date : 2013-01-15
    Nfo Date : 2013-01-15

    Num. Disks : xx/22 OS : Windows
    Nfo Time : 13:37 Rel Type : Cracked
    Cracker : Team Lz0 Archive : lz0*.rar
    Packer : Team Lz0 Rating : Your choice
    Supplier : Team Lz0 Language : English
    Protection : N/A

    Requirements : N/A
    : Always use a firewall.
    Publisher URL : -dvp.eu
    Publisher : FIDES

    (%01) Keyfile / License (%06) Emulator
    (%02) Patch (%07) Serial
    (%03) Cracked .EXE / .DLL (%08) Retail
    (%04) Keygen (%09) Trainer
    (%05) Loader (%10) Other

    1999 - 2013

    + I N F O +

    Finite Element calculation of excavation pit walls

    Because of the increasing building density in cities, a higher
    demand for analysis of deformations of retainment walls is
    necessary. The program WALLS-FEM with its effective input and
    its automatic mesh generation provides an economic way to get a
    calculation of complex excavation pit walls. The
    SOFiSTiK-calculation kernel implemented in WALLS-FEM computes
    realistic settlement dells and wall deformations using modern
    ways of material definitions in all construction stages
    according to the new recommendation EB103 of the EAB.
    WALLS-FEM presents itself as the ideal complement for the
    WALLS-series (the classic walls excavation calculation
    program). In this combination with the program WALLS-Retain
    first you will design the geometry, compute the
    walls anchoring depth and anchor length due to the formulas of
    the EAB, then you can import the complete system into WALLS-FEM
    and after few additional steps you can perform the FE-analysis.
    With the FEA all relative displacements of soil anchors and
    wall will fully be considered and now you can verify wether the
    assumption of the EAB for this case were valid or not. Because
    of the interactive design of all objects (like anchor angle
    and -length, initial tension...) the system can be optimised
    very easily, e.g. for the minimisation of the settlements.

    + I N S T A L L +

    1) Unpack and install.
    2) Overwrite existing with cracked files.
    3) Enjoy this release!