FIDES GeoStability KEA v2012.177

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    FIDES GeoStability KEA v2012.177

    FIDES GeoStability KEA v2012.177

    Release Date : 2013-01-15
    Nfo Date : 2013-01-15

    Num. Disks : xx/9 OS : Windows
    Nfo Time : 13:37 Rel Type : Cracked
    Cracker : Team Lz0 Archive : lz0*.rar
    Packer : Team Lz0 Rating : Your choice
    Supplier : Team Lz0 Language : English
    Protection : N/A

    Requirements : N/A
    : Always use a firewall.
    Publisher URL : -dvp.eu
    Publisher : FIDES

    (%01) Keyfile / License (%06) Emulator
    (%02) Patch (%07) Serial
    (%03) Cracked .EXE / .DLL (%08) Retail
    (%04) Keygen (%09) Trainer
    (%05) Loader (%10) Other

    1999 - 2013

    + I N F O +

    Stability computations in the Geotechnics with the Kinematic
    Element Analysis Method (KEA)

    The conventional stability proofs in geotechnics (earth
    pressure determination according to DIN 4085, embankment
    stability, ground failure, sliding circle according to DIN
    4084, shear failure according to DIN 4017 etc..) depending upon
    situation indicate often too small or too large safety against
    stability because of insufficient accuracy of the failure
    figure. This is already the case, if concentrated loads,
    geometrical constraints, lubrication lay-ers or the like cause
    the formation of sliding surfaces, which cannot be represented
    by the simplified failure mechanisms as suggested by the
    standards. With the help of the Kinematic Element Analysis
    (KEA) arbitrary failure mechanisms can be modelled and
    optimized and thus most geometrical situations can be modelled

    + I N S T A L L +

    1) Unpack and install.
    2) Overwrite existing with cracked files.
    3) Enjoy this release!

    NOTE: For obvious reasons you should always make sure that
    the title is restricted access to internet by a firewall
    to avoid any problems. Further, when running our
    keygens/patches you might need to run it with admin
    rights while in Vista/Win7 to ensure that it has
    enough privileges.


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