Golden Software Voxler v4.2.584

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    Golden Software Voxler v4.2.584

    Golden Software Voxler - an innovative method of three-dimensional graphical representation of the data. It allows you to import data from different sources and create high-quality graphics that reflect the complex relationship between the data. Golden Software Voxler is a rich, interactive graphical environment for processing models and data of any complexity. User-friendly interface allows quick visualization, assessment, investigation and verification of your data.

    Golden Software Voxler v4.2.584

    Golden Software Voxler can be used in various fields:

    In geology (when working with three-dimensional data on the wells) and petrography for seismic surveys.
    In meteorology for atmospheric research through the collection and processing of three-dimensional data.
    In oceanography to study the water temperature, salinity level and extent of contamination.
    In biology and medicine (for ultrasound).
    In engineering, statistics, seismology, and others.