Bentley MicroStation V8i SS4

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    Bentley MicroStation V8i SS4

    MicroStation - the most productive, the most accessible and compatible CAD platform for the design, construction and operation of the world's infrastructure.

    You are probably aware that 95% of the world's infrastructure is designed, constructed and maintained using DGN and DWG file formats. Using MicroStation users can directly edit content in both file formats at the same time. This capability makes MicroStation into a platform for interoperability, which is a mandatory attribute.

    MicroStation is also a platform for innovation, in the center of the full range of vertical software applications, providing users with the ability individualization application using the VBA, as well as the possibility of "vertical growth" with the help of highly specialized solutions to increase productivity while maintaining the full integrity of the entire project data.

    Taking into account only these two reasons, the fact that MicroStation is used by everyone, including architects, engineers, cartographers and contractors for projects in the field of architecture, construction and engineering design, should not be surprising. Due to this, the system is becoming the standard for the best designers of the world, which are the rating participants ENR Global 150

    PS If you have any issues starting the app after patching, run Microstation installer once more, it will fix issues. If you do not have 'CONNECTIONS' feature licensed, once enable checkbox 'CONNECTED EDITION' in the activator. I'm working more than 7 days (trial period) in these release - no problem