Blast Management International BLASTPLAN-PRO v1.7.4.0

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    Blast Management International BLASTPLAN-PRO v1.7.4.0

    BLASTPLAN-PRO is a graphically based initiation design and simulation package for Shotfirers and Drill and Blast Engineers.

    BLASTPLAN-PRO has all the functionality expected from a modern 3-D CAD based application with a simple and clean interface. Experience in designing previous initiation packages such as SHOTPlan and BlastPRO has enabled BMI, the developers of BLASTPLAN-PRO, to deliver a package that is usable and effective across a wide range of users from blast crew to senior design engineers.

    BLASTPLAN-PRO has the following features and functionality:

    • A database incorporating all the major manufacturers products. In Australia both Orica and Dyno products are covered.
    • A simple custom product interface allowing the user to add new product ranges and create custom products.
    • Create and edit drill patterns using templates and standard patterns.
    • Directly import drill patterns and pit shells from all the main design packages such as Vulcan, Surpac, Datamine, Minescape etc.
    • Native 3-D capability. View and manipulate drill patterns and pit shells in three dimensions.
    • Simple tie-up process using auto-tie generation feature.
    • Simulation of initiation design including ( Angle of Initiation; Direction of movement; Relief; Holes per delay for ground vibration prediction)
    • Create charge standards using a drag and drop interface to design specific hole by hole explosives loading.
    • Apply charge standards to blast hole to create load sheets.
    • Use graphical timing objects to design initiation sequences for electronic detonator systems.
    • Apply timing to defined zones to enable multiple independent deck firing.
    • Predict ground vibration using weighted scaled distance calculations that allow for all charge decks in space and time.

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