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    Charm v11.43.0.12

    CHARM - Complex Hazardouus Air Release Model.
    The potential for accidental release of hazardous chemicals (air dispersion and transport), fires (BLEVE, pool fire, and jet fire), and explosions (mechanical failure and air dispersion and transport followed by vapor cloud explosion), poses a risk that must be addressed on several levels. The EPA Risk Management Program (RMP, Rule 112r) requires hazard assessment and emergency response programs. To assure that you have adequate resources and that plans are well organized for any contingency, you need to plan for emergency response. Should such an accident occur, you need real-time data to guide the response activities. CHARM software helps you meet all of these needs.

    There are two versions of the CHARM software available; One assumes a single source in flat terrain. The second version allows for multiple sources in complex terrain but requires more input than the first. Both versions are available for downloading for a two week evaluation period on the Downloads page. Registration is required for trial version downloads - no financial information is required or requested if checkout is directly from Your Cart. They both provide calculations of air transport and dispersion, mechanical and vapor cloud explosions, and BLEVE, jet fire, and pool fire radiation.

    Charm v11.43.0.12


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