برنامج تغيير شكل الويندوز | Stardock WindowBlinds 10.74

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    برنامج تغيير شكل الويندوز | Stardock WindowBlinds 10.74

    يعتبر برنامج WindowBlinds هو أشهر البرامج التى تعطيك فرصة لإضافة لمسة جمالية شخصية للويندوز الخاص بك

    حيث يتيح لك WindowBlinds جعل سطح المكتب الخاص بك واجهة فريدة لك!

    وذلك بداية من واجهة بدأ الويندوز إلى شريط المهام و إطارات النوافذ وأزرار التحكم

    كذلك يمكّن WindowBlinds المستخدمين من تخصيص سمات الويندوز بشكل كامل لإضفاء طابع شخصي على مظهر سطح المكتب وملمسه.

    برنامج تغيير شكل الويندوز | Stardock WindowBlinds

    WindowBlinds enables you to make your desktop interface uniquely yours! From the start panel to the taskbar, window frames and control buttons, WindowBlinds enables users to customize desktop interface themes called skins to personalize the look and feel of their desktop. Visual Styles
    Select from the many skins included with WindowBlinds or choose from thousands of skins available for download at WinCustomize

    Alternative Skins
    Some skins have multiple sub-styles that can be applied to suit your personal tastes. You can also save your style combinations as presets for quick access later.

    Modify Skins
    Personalize any of the default Windows themes or any skins downloaded from WinCustomize

    Easily change which fonts your skins use.

    Make your skins the center of attention or allow them to blend into your backgrounds. Colors

    Find a great skin, but want to change the color scheme? WindowBlinds enables instant color changes from its configuration menu. Textures

    Personalize any skin by applying one of the textures included with WindowBlinds or use one of your own creations. Explorer Backgrounds

    Tired of looking at those boring white explorer windows? Customize them with unique explorer backgrounds. Easy set-up

    We have simplified the configuration menu to make personalizing your desktop quick and intuitive. Instantly preview your selections and adjustments before you apply them to your desktop. Presets

    Any changes and adjustments you make to a skin can be saved as a preset. Presets enable you to access previous customizations and apply them to a skin quickly. Randomized Skins

    WindowBlinds enables you to change skins randomly at timed intervals. Your desktop will never be boring again when you are treated to a new skin every time you logon. Per application skinning

    Choose skins for each of your application types. For example, WindowBlinds enables your word processing software to use a different skin than your design programs. Design your own skins

    Each purchase includes SkinStudio, the powerful companion application for WindowBlinds that enables you to create your own skins. Edit controls, start menu, taskbars, explorer windows, fonts, colors backgrounds and more with SkinStudio. Easy to use

    Customize only the parts of the Windows interface you want to change and SkinStudio will do the rest. This makes it easy for inexperienced users to create a great skin quickly. Advanced users can still enjoy designing every aspect of the Windows interface. Whats New:

    Fix for Windows 10 October 2018 issue with not skinning titlebars of universal apps correctly
    Some dark explorer mode fixes
    Fix for multiple monitor taskbar hang issue on theme apply
    Fix for ribbon on Windows 10 October 2018 update when in dark explorer mode
    Fix for malformed right click taskbar context menu for Win10 1809 build 18252.1000
    Fix for painting issue on Windows 10 insider build


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