برنامج تسريع الهاردسك Condusiv Diskeeper 18 Professional / Server v20.0.1296.0

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    برنامج لتسريع أداء الهاردسك بحيث يوفر الكاش او إضافة التخزين المؤقت للذاكرة الديناميكية مما يجل أداء الكمبيوتر أو اللابتوب والسيرفرات أسرع كثيرا من الوضع الطبيعي والبرنامج حائز على براءة اختراع بهذا المجال

    Condusiv's Diskeeper® 18 Professional with DRAM caching guarantees to boost Windows laptops and workstations with faster than new performance. Instead of “defragging,” Diskeeper 18’s newest patented engine ensures large, clean contiguous writes from Windows in real-time so fragmentation is no longer an issue for HDDs or SSDs.

    This eliminates the “death by a thousand cuts” scenario of excessively small, fractured writes and reads that rob HDD and SSD performance alike. Diskeeper 18 electrifies Windows system performance to operate faster than new with the addition of dynamic memory caching – using idle DRAM to serve hot reads without creating an issue of memory starvation or resource contention.

    Keep business PCs and laptops running faster than new with Diskeeper 18 Professional:
    - Delivers accelerated I/O performance for Windows PCs
    - Improves business productivity by ensuring applications run at peak performance
    - Proactively prevents performance-robbing fragmentation at the Windows OS level
    - Caches hot reads from idle, available DRAM
    - True "set and forget" management
    - Low overhead with resource monitoring for continuous optimization without hampering resources
    - Users can opt for the Diskeeper Administrator management console if needing to deploy to hundreds or thousands of PCs
    - New dashboard reporting shows the amount of I/O offloaded from storage and how much I/O processing time is saved so the value is easily quantifiable and never in question
    - No reboot required. Simply install, allow 24 hours for algorithms to adjust, then pull up the dashboard after a few days to see percentage of read and write traffic eliminated and resulting time saved


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