Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, 38th ed

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    "This hardback, two-volume boxed set is the world's most comprehensive and reliable guide to drugs and medicines...Martindale is the key reference for reputable, referenced and unbiased information. It is easy to find information, check products and precautions, and is immensely readable. There is excellent material on herbal agents, radiopharmaceuticals, toxins and poisons that is unavailable in other drug references, formularies and pharmaceutical handbooks." Helena Soni, practice nurse, Nursing Standard 28 (47), July 2014.; "There have been significant changes in information since the 37th edition. Volume A consists of monographs covering a wide range of drug classes as well as sections on pesticides and repellents, radiopharmaceuticals and sex hormones and their modulators. The section on "Vaccines, Immunoglobulins and Antisera" contains a wealth of information on the effects of administered vaccines on a patient's organ systems...The drug monographs are laid out in an easy-to-read manner and have been restructured with the "Uses and Administration" appearing immediately following the physicochemical description of the substance." Glen Bayer, Australian Prescriber, August 2014.; "The current Martindale contains information on drugs in clinical use worldwide, as well as selected investigational and veterinary drugs, herbal and complementary medicines, pharmaceutical excipients, vitamins and nutritional agents, vaccines, radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media and diagnostic agents, medicinal gases, drugs of abuse and recreational drugs, toxic substances, disinfectants and pesticides. Each monograph gives not only physical and chemical information, but also information on therapeutic use and administration, kinetics and the preparations that contain the substance...The Martindale is a true universal reference and its information wealth is unparalleled. It is not a book one would use every day in clinical pharmacy practice, but a pharmacist can also not live without." J. W. F. van Mil, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 36(1095), September 2014.