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    ActiveData For Excel 5.0.508

    ActiveData For Excel® adds advanced data analysis capabilities and time saving worksheet management features to Microsoft Excel®. With ActiveData for Excel you can join, merge, match, query, summarize, categorize, locate duplicate and missing items, combine, split, splice, slice and dice your data. Over 100 features are included in this easy-to-use package.

    With this program you can join, merge, match, query, sample (random, stratified and monetary / PPS), summarize, categorize, stratify, look for duplicate and missing items, generate statistics, perform Benford's Law analysis, combine, split, splice, slice and dice your data. With ActiveData For Excel you can analyze worksheets with up to 1 million rows and works with all versions of Microsoft Excel from Excel 2007 to Excel 2019 64-bit as well as Office 365.

    You will need to have Administrator privileges in order to install new software on your PC.

    File size: 11.7 MB



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