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    RAR Password Cracker Expert 2.14

    RAR Password Cracker Expert is a reliable application dedicated to unlocking archived files, by deciphering their password. The software uses several decoding algorithms that it can apply simultaneously, in order to return the most accurate result, in the shortest time possible.

    Unlock RAR files
    Free RAR Password Cracker Expert specializes in deciphering the passwords protecting this particular type of files. Much like other archive files, it can contain a batch of other files and protect them with the help of a keyphrase. However, if you lose or forget this password, you cannot recover it without advanced help.

    Free RAR Password Cracker Expert is capable of providing the suitable tools for deciphering the passwords locking this type of archives. The software allows you to select one of the supported algorithms: Brute Force, Dictionary, Smart Dictionary and Mask Attack. You can use either of these methods individually or together, in order to return the proper password, in the shortest time possible. The process might, however take several minutes.

    Configuring recovery options
    The software applies all the decryption algorithms combined, in order to identify the password for the RAR file. It can display the elapsed time, the number of instances it has checked and an average of number or passwords checked every minute. You may set the priority of the software to the system’s resources, from below normal to highest.

    You may configure individual options for each decoding method, in the dedicated window. For example, you can mention which type of characters does the password contain, whether or not it includes special or extended symbols, as well as the minimum/maximum length. The Dictionary method implies comparing the password with words contained in a list, so you may load lists in TXT files. The Mask attach involves deciphering the password, starting from a given word or character string.

    Save configurations and passwords
    Free RAR Password Cracker Expert allows you to save your preferred settings and use them in a future process. Moreover, it can remember the passwords it recovered and save them in a log file. You may view them at any time, in the software or in the history log. Free RAR Password Cracker Expert is simple to use, reliable and can apply a combination of powerful tools in order to identify your password.

    Whats New
    Fixed bug : File can now be opened with the "Open With" context menu options of Windows Explorer.

    File Size : 15.2 Mb

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