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    Dear all,

    RADAN Version 2021.0

    This is a summary of major improvements made to the software in the version released in early April 2020.
    Area Title Details
    Nesting Reset Next Nest Number Next nest number in the Nesting Settings now adjusts itself to account for deletion of nests in the project so you don't get unnecessary gaps in the sequence. Nests marked as cut and moved out of the project are taken into account to ensure files are not overwritten accidentally.
    Nesting Batch Nester Enabled on Punch Machines Punch machines can now use the batch nest mode if the check tooling option is turned off.
    Nesting Nest Setup Sheet Report Auto Saved Nest setup sheet reports can now be saved to a machine specific folder automatically as part of the nesting process.
    Some other changes made to this version of the software are listed below. Most of these changes have been made to fix problems reported by users.
    Task Reason for Change
    RDFT-1175 Users of the eQuote import function which takes parts from CADCAM and adds then to the e2i database will be able to update either system without any loss of the link.
    RDFT-5156 Russian characters can now be used in any text entry field.
    RDFT-5762 Setup reports can be created for individual nests using a new Generate Setup Sheet Report option from the Right Click menu.
    RDFT-8818 When an existing nest drawing is in danger of being overwritten, you are now warned and can choose to stop the process to take corrective action.
    RDFT-9354 When adding common cut profile tooling to a group of profiles, auto-tooling sometimes selected an internal profile as the start profile. This bug has now been fixed.
    RDFT-9364 A condition where a set of continuous small arcs could generate incorrect NC code has been identified and resolved.
    RDFT-9811 Nests created on remnant sheets can now be marked as cut and subsequently removed from the project using the same process as nests made on sheets.
    RDFT-9917 When reducing the sheet size on a drawing, the view is adjusted so the sheet preview is a useful size on screen and in reports.
    RDFT-9925 Material information previously sourced from a file only Radan CADCAM can read can now be read from the database allowing information to be common amongst all Radan applications.
    RDFT-10140 The Help, OK and Cancel buttons were missing from the compiler window when running at low screen resolutions. This problem has now been fixed.
    RDFT-10149 A condition where the presence of cut features in a clamp dead zone could cause Auto Order to crash has been identified and resolved.
    RDFT-10151 When reinstalling RADAN 2020.1, having previously installed and then uninstalled it, the installer would wrongly go into 'update' mode. This problem has now been fixed.
    RDFT-10163 Fixed a problem where auto tooling sometimes crashed for punch machines.
    RDFT-10165 Mismatched versions of Radan and Radbend now work together.
    RDFT-10169 An issue that caused the sheet size units of a new nest created from a remnant sheet drawing to be set incorrectly has been fixed.
    RDFT-10174 A problem when manually window nesting on a sheet remnant has now been fixed.
    RDFT-10177 In the Multi-Part Nesting dialog, options to read clearances from or write clearances to system data files now correctly scale the clearance values.
    RDFT-10179 A problem when creating a single part layout using the 'M' keystroke command, metric sheet size units were used in place of user specified imperial sheet size units and vice versa has now been fixed.
    RDFT-10181 On creating a nest using single part layout for a part that is not already in the parts list of the current nest project, a new sheet entry gets added to the sheets list with the new nest's sheet size now uses the correct sheet size units.
    RDFT-10262 When you delete nests from a project, any reports which were created automatically are now removed to keep the paperwork in line with the project.
    RDFT-10316 Symbol files containing a space followed by a dot in the name were wrongly being rejected as having invalid filenames. This has now been corrected.
    RDFT-10387 Quick Estimates could previously display the wrong units for a sheet.
    RDFT-10412 When the materials database is in use, you can now delete materials/thicknesses/sheets if the database reports it is legal to do so.
    Link to download:
    DVD file setup + License.
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    Thank you very much



      What components does your version of Radan 2021 contain? Do you have pictures?


        Hi it is important for me to know which program modules are included in Radan 2021. Thanks for an answer in advance. After that, I would also pay for the membership. thanks