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    ZWCAD Professional 2024 SP0 build 05.11.2023 (x64)

    ZWCAD is a professional software application that provides a handy set of tools for helping users design 2D and 3D drawings.
    Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, it boasts a clean layout that gives users the possibility to create a new drawing from scratch, use a step-by-step approach which comes in handy especially for rookies as they are offered assistance throughout the entire process, or choose one of the template files.

    The application enables you to select between imperial or metric units, zoom in or out of the working environment, specify angle values, set up drawing limits, use polar tracking mode for restricting the mouse cursor to specified angles, work with line types and layers, and assign colours to objects.

    What’s more, you can extract or calculate geometric information from objects (area and circumference calculation), divide objects (lines, arcs, circles) into a number of equal segments, and specify the 2D and 3D coordinate values.

    When it comes to drawing objects, it is possible to create linear objects (e.g. lines, rays, construction lines, polylines, polygons, rectangles, points, traces), and curved objects (e.g. arcs, circles, ellipses, splines).

    There are several 3D models types, namely wireframe, surface, and solid objects, and you can set the thickness and elevation values.

    Other important options worth mentioning allow users to remove, copy, flip, rotate, align, resize, and stretch objects, change the length of the objects, trim or extend them, as well as create a gap in an objects or flattened corners.

    You can work with multiple drawings at same time, cut or copy objects from one drawing to another, undo or redo your actions, erase objects, embed text messages, create and insert blocks, apply hatching operations for filling an area, plot drawings, and take snapshots (EMF, WMF, SLD).

    The user interface is customizable, as you can display and rearrange the toolbars, enable the status bar, show the command bar, and add your own commands and macros. The generated drawings can be exported to DWG, DXF, or DWT file format.

    All in all, ZWCAD offers many advanced features for helping you design 2D and 3D models and is suitable especially for advanced users.

    System Requirements
    OS:Microsoft® Windows Server 2008-2016 / Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
    CPU:Intel® Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or equivalent AMD processor
    RAM:1 GB
    Display:128 MB
    Space: disk 2 GB free space in OS disk, 1 GB free space in installation disk

    x64 | languages:English | File Size: 663 MB



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      ZWCAD Professional 2024 SP0 build 05.11.2023 (x64)