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    Revit Architecture 2023 - Zero to Hero with Projects

    Revit Architecture 2023 for Architects, Civil Engineer and MEP

    What you'll learn
    To learn all basic toolbars and advanced level BIM environment & concept about Revit Architecture
    To learn Complete modeling and detailing in Revit Architecture
    To learn Schedule and Drawing Creation
    To learn advanced level project in in Revit Architecture
    To learn Conceptual building design
    Have a working knowledge of all the fundamentals of the software
    Suitable for anyone totally new to Autodesk Revit

    Computer with Autodesk Revit / Revit LT (including trial version) installed (2019/2020/2021/2022/2023)
    Familiarity with the concepts of working in a 3D modelling environment is beneficial but not essential

    Learn how to use Autodesk® Revit® 2023 to create a building from scratch.
    This course will assist you in honing your skills and understanding in building and managing Revit models, regardless of your level of experience.
    We will begin by outlining the building constraints in the 3D Revit environment before moving on to the various modelling, annotation, and documentation tools that are provided.
    This is a good place to start when learning the fundamentals of BIM.

    In order to continually advance your knowledge and ensure that you utilise all the tools, workflows, and tips available to you, this course will be updated to introduce new, more advanced topics.Although this course is presented on Revit 19-2023, earlier iterations include the bulk of the same features, making it possible for you to follow along.

    This course will cover these topics. 000 Revit Download & Install from Autodesk Site 001 How to Install Revit from Other site 002 Revit User interface 003 2D Wheel, Zoom Steering Wheel 004 User Interface Detailed Explain 005 Underlay In Revit 006 Project Units Snap Settings 007 Setting Levels in Revit 008 Wall's in Revit 009 Wall Properties 010 Editing Wall Profile 011 Temporary Dimensions in Revit 012 Template File Missing 013 Curtain Wall 014 Make Spider Curtain Wall 015 Modded Curtain Wall's 016 Curved Slanted Curtain Walls 017 Wall Sweep Wall Reveal 018 Floors in Revit 019 Custom Floor Pattern 020 Roof Creation 021 Creating Roof by Extrusion 022 Doors Windows 023 Roof Soffit, Fascia Cutter 024 Dormer Roof Creation in Revit 025 Spiral Staircase

    Multistory Stairs (2) 025 Stair By Components (1) 026 Stairs by Sketch Method 027 Converting Stair By Component 028 Creating Ramps 029 Creating Ramps with Floor Method 030 Railings in Revit 031 Railing Balusters Settings 032 Creating Custom Railing

    Bluster 033 Modify Tools 034 Linear Radail Array 035 Scale, Split, Trim Extend in Revit 036 Grids Levels 037 Placing Columns in Revit 038 Dimensions in Revit 039 Grid Column Settings 040 Opening in Revit 041 Creating Model Text in Revit 042 Model Line

    Detail Line 043 Model Group in Revit 1044 Detailing Component in Revit 045 Set Work Plan in Revit 046 Room Tags 047 Automatic Dimensions 048 Area Plan

    Calculation 049 Place a Component in Revit 050 Model in Place Component 051 Families in Revit 052 Extrusion in Revit 053 Blend Revolve in Revit 054 Sweep Command 055 Swept Blending in Revit 056 Void Forms in Revit 057 Sun Settings and Solar Study 058 Copy Floor Plan in Revit 059 Create Ceiling in Revit 060 Importing AutoCAD file in Revit 061 Decals in Revit 062 Inserting PDF JPEG file in Revit 063 Massing Site 064 Topo surface in Revit 065 Simplify Surface Toposurface 066 Building Pad Split Surface, Marge Surface Sub region 067 Material in Revit 068 Paint Tool Split Face 069 Schedule Quantity 070 Export Revit Schedule (Quantity to Excel) 071 Visibility Graphics Overrides 072 Floor Plan in Revit 073 Floor Plan in Revit 074 Rendering in Revit 075 Thin Lines, Line Work, Line Style Line Patterns 076 Use of Thin Line077 Filling Region

    Masking Region 078 Callout in Revit 079 Creating A Sheet 080 Take a Print in Revit 081 Revit Insulation Tool 082 Revision Cloud in Revit 083 Section Box In Revit 084 Selection Tool in Revit 085 Scope Box in Revit 086 Material Takeoff Costing 087 Furniture Schedule with Image088 Bricks Calculation Costing in Revit 089 Cement Sand Quantity In Revit 090 Calculate Quantity of Water 091 Create Slanted Wall 092 Create Tapered Wall 093 Section in Revit 094 Make Attractive Elevation in Revit 095 Parametric Family in Revit Complete Project AutoCAD Plan To Revit (2) Complete Project in Revit (2)

    Who this course is for
    Beginners and Experts both

    Published 1/2023
    Created by Online Academy
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 108 Lectures ( 21h 36m ) | Size: 16 GB

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