QuarkXPress CopyDesk 2024 v20.1.1.57240

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    QuarkXPress CopyDesk 2024 v20.1.1.57240 Multilingual

    QuarkXPress CopyDesk is content collaboration software that enables copy and image editing without altering an established layout. Once a page design is set, headlines, subheads, copy blocks, photos and graphics can be designated as new or editable components for writers and editors to add or adjust. Text can be amended; images placed, cropped or rotated; and additional copy written to a precise fit. A single workflow for designers and production managers plus writers, editors and subject-matter experts reduces errors and streamlines the publishing process to ensure deadlines are met.

    Maintain Design
    by enabling only certain components to be edited.

    Edit Copy and Images
    to fit precise QuarkXPress page layouts.

    Improve Collaboration
    between design and editorial teams to reduce review cycles.

    Meet Deadlines
    with a single, automated workflow that makes publishing processes more efficient.

    Benefits of QuarkXPress CopyDesk
    Enable your design and editorial teams to collaborate, reducing review-approval cycles to streamline your content production and publishing processes. QuarkXPress CopyDesk facilitates copy review, copy editing and basic photo editing while maintaining the integrity of your page designs. With the software, you can

    - Develop a single, automated workflow for more efficient content production and publishing processes, eliminating numerous review-approval cycles.
    - See an exact representation of the QuarkXPress layout but only enable edits to specific components as designated by the designer/design team.
    - Maintain attributes such as style sheets, article geometry, hyphenation and justification
    - Edit existing copy, change headlines, insert notes, place photos and make basic photo edits.
    - Add headlines, subheads and images plus fit copy precisely to the final QuarkXPress layout.
    - View notes, tracked changes and content additions within the context of layouts, improving communication and collaboration among team members.

    Automated Workflow
    Establish automated processes for accessing, reviewing and editing layouts.

    Multiple Views
    View content in galley, full screen or WYSIWYG view – or all three simultaneously using split view.

    Word-Processor Compatibility
    Work with Microsoft Word and other common word processors, all while preserving colors, styles and formatting.

    Multi-Language Support
    Choose such UI languages as Dutch, International English, U.S. English, French, German, Swiss-German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

    Precision Copy Fit
    Add new copy to fit the layout with unmatched precision.

    Place electronic notes directly within copy that can travel with the content.

    Use redlining to track revisions, providing team members with a record of changes.

    Image Import
    Import images in standards formats like native PSD and AI.

    Photo Editing
    Make basic edits to photos, including cropping, scaling and rotation.

    System Requirements
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later
    - CPU with dual cores or more
    - 4GB RAM for QuarkXPress CopyDesk
    - 3GB hard disk space for installation

    Supported System: Windows 8.1 (64 Bit), Windows 10 Version 20H2 (64 Bit) or later, Windows 11

    Languages: Multilingual
    File Size: 1.33 GB



  • Saadedin
    Thread Author
    • Sep 2018 
    • 36003 
    • 18,484 
    • 2,819 


    QuarkXPress CopyDesk 2024 v20.1.1.57240 Multilingual