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    XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 (x64) Multilingual

    XMind is great software to create mind maps or Mind Map. When you think about your ideas or do a group on a particular subject of brainstorming, you come to mind sporadically with ideas, information, data, and clues. XMind software is designed to collect this scattered information in a central location and process and aggregate them later at the right opportunity. The software also has the ability to automatically store and synchronize mental maps online and make you feel comfortable about the security of your information.

    Easy building of mental maps with different features
    Possibility of building commercial and organizational charts
    BrainStorming mode for holding brainstorming sessions between team members
    Presentation mode to efficiently provide mental maps
    Gantt display mode like Microsoft Project
    Various features for mental maps such as communication between them, summarization, markup, notes, comments, etc.
    Ability to change themes and fonts with high customization capability
    Ability to get output in PDF, PPT, XLS and Word (doc,docx) format
    Ability to store mental maps cloudy
    Ability to save to Evernote
    Ability to share mind maps created on social networks
    Having over 60,000 beautiful icons for different applications
    Ability to subscribe between LAN local network
    Print multiple pages simultaneously side by side
    Possibility of combining mental maps with each other
    Ability to take screenshots from parts of the mental map
    Advanced Filtering
    Powerful Search
    Ability to take voice notes
    Ability to encrypt documents
    Ability to save with SVG vector format
    Having many and varied templates on a ready-made basis

    What's New:
    Important Updates
    1. Pitch Mode - Present your mind map with one click;
    2. Skeleton & Color Theme - Combine skeletons and color themes your way;
    3. Tree Table - A new structure that displays topics with nested rectangles;
    4. New Fishbone - More efficient to track down the cause and effect;
    5. More options for image: size, border, shadow, and even opacity;
    6. Added new topic shapes;
    7. Holly new UI, powerful, friendly and expressive;
    8. Native Apple silicon chip support.
    1. Support color opacity setting;
    2. Enable/disable spell check in preferences;
    3. Create folder links conveniently by dragging folders to the map;
    4. Optimized experiences when using Map Shot;
    5. Optimized the content and sequence of font list;
    6. Optimized the logic of uploading mind maps via XMind Share;
    7. Optimized the accuracy of spell check;
    8. Optimized the experience when moving a topic;
    9. Optimized the preview effect of quick style;
    10. Optimized the experience of adding/removing watermarks in exported and printed documents;
    11. Optimized the display of watermark in exported and printed documents;
    12. Optimized the pop-up menu when right-clicking XMind in macOS dock;
    13. Fixed the failure of find & replace in special cases;
    14. Fixed the issue of missing notes after editing in Outliner;
    15. Fixed the issue of deleting backwards when pressing Del key in Outliner;
    16. Fixed the issue that Tab key cannot be used when editing notes;
    17. Fixed the issue that pressing ESC to cancel dragging a topic did not work;
    18. Fixed the issue that sharing to Evernote failed in special cases;
    19. Fixed the error when exporting PDF in special cases;
    20. Fixed the error when exporting Excel in special cases.

    File size: 144 MB


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  • Saadedin
    Thread Author
    • Sep 2018 
    • 35332 
    • 18,026 
    • 2,728 


    XMind 2023 v23.11.04336

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