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    Echocardiography (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology),
    (December 2, 2012)
    (Oxford University Press).

    Released in 2007 and the first handbook-sized practical training guide to provide easily accessible, detailed information on how to get good images, make key measurements and report findings, the first edition of Echocardiography rapidly become a bestselling echocardiography manual.

    Now in its second edition, and reflecting the most recent international cardiology and echocariography society guidelines, the handbook has been extensively updated throughout and features new sections covering 3D echocardiography, intracardiac echocardiography, contrast echocardiography, speckle tracking echocardiography and emergency echocardiography. In full colour throughout, the text is illustrated with over 300 images and comes with a DVD resource of over 175 image loops. Also including reference ranges to help with reporting and accreditation exam preparation, Echocardiography remains the essential reference for trainees undergoing accreditation and a daily source of information for those who perform clinical echocardiography.


    The highlight of the book is that it gives guidance to the sonographer on reporting abnormalities and what further information is needed to assess for specific adnormalities...For a 'pocket' book, the subject is surprisingly covered in great detail. * Cardiology News * ...an invaluable tool in the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiac disease...highly readable. * British Journal of Hospital Medicine * Concise and little in volume, but has enormous amount of data packed into it leaving very little to imagination. Authors show remarkable hands-on experience, point by point explanation, readable, easily understood and very affordable...has everything practical you possibly want to know about adult echocardiography in one place! * Dr. Manan Vasenwala, Uttar Pradesh, India * This volume is constructed to be maximally useful to both novices and experienced personnel, echocardiographers, and sonographers. Emerging from one of the leading academic centers in the United Kingdom, it is a major achievement, both as a technical manual and an authoritative source. Clinical practice will be reinforced by this volume, while neophytes will find it an invaluable reference. A major diagnostic technology in cardiovascular disease deserves and is well served by this important contribution. Use it and enjoy it. * Dr Richard E. Kerber, Past President, American Society of Echocardiography * ...well written, concise and flows in an easy to understand manner...For a 'pocket' book, the subject is surprisingly covered in great detail. ... the cardiology list is becoming quite impressive - the echo book is a really first class book, and should sell really well - every cardiology SpR should have one, so should most consultants, and many general medicine SpRs ... * Patrick Davey, Consultant in General Medicine, Northampton General Hospital * Review(s) from previous edition(s): ...a well-researched and up-to-date textbook of echocardiography, with a good description of the different modalities and interpretation of findings... as an educational well organized, concise and orderly description of today's ekkokardiografiteknikk, [this book] can certainly be recommended. * Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, May 2013 *