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FINALMobile Forensics 4 (2020.01.14)

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    FINALMobile Forensics 4 (2020.01.14)

    FINALDATA Inc. has unveiled FINALMobile Forensics 4 (2020.01.14). This solutions offers the most advanced data-carving tool for our forensic community and can turn raw data into easy-to-understand data with a few simple clicks.

    captures and analyses various mobile device’s data with the use of a database wizard for the acquisition procedure. Final Mobile Forensics engine is built to first reconstruct the acquired mobile device’s file system, then parse the extracted data. Data is organized and searchable by categories of time, name, number, image size, keywords, etc. Final Mobile Forensics was tested for its ability to acquire active data from the internal memory of supported mobile devices and associated media (i.e., smart phones, tablets, feature phones, UICCs/SIMs). Except for the following anomalies, the tool acquired all supported data objects completely and accurately for all mobile devices tested.

    Final Mobile Forensics Training Series Open Previous Acquisition

    Founded in 1999, FINALDATA Inc. envisioned helping people recover their valuable data. In their frantic state, people needed a simple tool that could recover even the tiniest of information. As our development team began this venture, they quickly realized that the rapidly changing environment of data makes simple tools difficult to confidently recover all of their data. Therefore, the need for customer support became just as vital as the development. Building flexible tools and accommodating support are the foundations FINALDATA believes will help our clients the best.

    Product: FINALMobile Forensics
    Version: 4 (2020.01.14)
    Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
    Website Home Page :
    Language: english
    System Requirements: PC *
    Supported Operating Systems: *


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